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no aerophobia
Alex Gervash

   Flight anxiety is a well-known and very common phenomenon.  According to studies between 20-40% of the population suffer from one or another level of fear before or during the flight.


   Flight anxiety is the result of many things:


 ⭕️ General anxiety

 ⭕️ The need for control

 ⭕️ Panic attacks  and the fear of having them onboard 

 ⭕️ Avoidance  of  all the places from which it is not possible to escape immediately

 ⭕️ Excessive concentration on physical sensations 

 ⭕️ Perfectionism 

 ⭕️ Inability to self-soothe

 ⭕️ Imbalance of the autonomic nervous system

 ⭕️ Psychological trauma (post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD)

 ⭕️ And of course also poor knowledge  of the aviation, which opens a wide door for fantasies about the dangers that do not exist in reality.


   One of the founders of Sim Dream Israel, the pilot Alex Gervash, is a world-renowned expert in the treatment of flight anxiety.


   For about 15 years, Alex gained a lot of experience treating more than 13000 fearful fliers in dozens of countries.  In 2019, Alex was invited to give a speech at the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva on the issue of treating flight anxiety and even received a letter of appreciation for this.


   The use of the flight simulator is an important step in the treatment process.  Our mobile flight simulator enables learning about safety and the physics of flight and at the same time provides an opportunity to get used to the sensations of being detached from the ground, the movements of the plane in the air, turns, jumping and shaking in turbulence , etc.


   A person suffering from flight anxiety and who avoids flying due to  fears, can use our flight simulator as a practice tool that will allow to make the way to the end of the avoidance in a gradual, small and safe steps.


   Alex Gervash conducts group and private courses for the treatment of flight anxiety.  For registration and more details, please register here.

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